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Organic Tick Spraying

Organic Flea Spraying

Immediate Protection From Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitos
We Offer 100% Organic Spaying

Fleas and Ticks are adaptable pests that can thrive in any type of space. These pests can spread diseases such as Spotted fever and Lyme disease. It’s important to extinguish fleas and ticks as soon as your spot one. We’ll quickly manage your pest problems before your situation becomes unmanageable.

The flea is an insect that feeds on the blood of its host—domestic animals, wildlife and the occasional human are equally susceptible to its bite. Typically making their way into the home via the family pet, difficult flea infestations can appear seemingly overnight, that is why spraying your property during the season is so important. Eggs that are laid on dogs or cats are easily dispersed throughout the home as the pet scratches to relieve itching from irritating bites. While flea bites are typically not painful, in pets and humans alike they resemble a single, raised mark on the skin that may become increasingly itchy and inflamed.

Lawn & Order Inc is committed to helping you reclaim your yard by safely eliminating pesky fleas and ticks. We are committed to giving you the best quality products and service. Our treatments start working right away and continue to work for weeks.

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As a family owned business, we know the importance of protecting your loved ones. We take pride in providing tick, flea, and mosquito control that surpasses our competitors. Unlike the competition, we target the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks at every controllable stage of their life cycle. We pride ourselves in offering one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry.


The safest choice is an organic flea and tick control plan using products, which are all-natural and effective at killing fleas and ticks, while still being 100% safe for you and your family. If you need flea control, call Lawn & Order to deal with the flea infestation as flea populations can grow rapidly. Call today to speak with a member of our staff for free.

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